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Mimi Craven was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, and graduated from Indiana University with a major in dance (ballet). She began her career in the arts as a dance teacher in Indiana and Texas, before moving to Los Angeles, where she became an actress. Having studied with the renowned Roy London, she worked in movies and television, as well as commercials during her career as an actress. She had notable parts in such films as "Last Dance", which starred Sharon Stone, "Dogwatch", which starred Sam Elliot, and "Just Write", which starred Sherilyn Fenn and Jeremy Piven, and was cast in guest roles on television in "Seinfeld", "Star Trek Voyager", and many other shows.

As an actress, Mimi observed photographers in their work constantly. It was not until 1996, however, that she picked up a camera herself and began taking pictures with a deliberate eye. She immediately started formal study of the new art at UCLA, and quickly received her first professional assignments. In the period since then, she has photographed celebrities, artists and other public figures, including Quincy Jones, Sharon Stone, the painter Balthus, and the Dalai Lama. Her photographs have appeared in the magazines "In Style", "Paris Match", "US", "Movieline" and the "San Francisco Examiner Sunday Magazine". She has shot movie posters for a number of prominent films from major studios, including "Gloria" and "What Planet Are You From?" for Sony Pictures, and "Bless This Child" for Paramount. In addition, her commercial photography has included assignments for such clients as Seinger Advertising Group, Wisdom Channel, and the designer Elizabeth Galindo.

Mimi Craven

While developing her career as a commercial photographer, Mimi has privately photographed subjects of personal interest. Over the last two and a half years, she traveled around the world to photograph graveyards and cemeteries. As these photographs of quiet landscapes and eloquent carvings came together, the idea for a book arose, and Mimi gave the title "Something to Hold" to what has now become a completed edition, with special text written by Sharon Stone. See some sample pages here. The book is available to purchase on Amazon.


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